AMERICANS LIVING IN CANADA – SMILE, THE IRS IS WATCHING YOU by David A. Altro & Jonah Z. Spiegelman is now available. Click here to receive your copy.

There are well over a million US citizens residing in Canada. Additionally, there are many Canadian citizens who were born in the US, or who have lived and worked there and later returned to Canada. Over the last few years the US government has stepped up its pursuit of Americans residing abroad who are not tax compliant. AMERICANS LIVING IN CANADA – SMILE, THE IRS IS WATCHING YOU, provides a detailed review of the tax compliance requirements, consequences and opportunities & pitfalls for US persons living in Canada.

AMERICANS LIVING IN CANADA – SMILE, THE IRS IS WATCHING YOU addresses many issues that may be affecting you or your clients. The book has four sections:

• Dual Status Taxpayers
• Income Tax Compliance
• Living and Dying with US Transfer Taxes
• Trust and Estate Planning for Americans in Canada

Owning U.S Property – The Canadian Way, 3rd Edition by David A. Altro is now available. Click here to receive your copy.

For decades, Canadians have been seeking refuge from the harsh Canadian winters by heading south to the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Florida, Arizona, California and the other Sun Belt states. Buying and owning U.S. property for a Canadian resident can be confusing, stressful and filled with uncertainty. Owning U.S Property – The Canadian Way, 3rd Edition provides answers to tax, estate planning and real estate issues on both sides of the border.

Owning U.S Property – The Canadian Way, 3rd Edition addresses many issues that may be affecting you or your clients:

Buying and selling U.S. real estate
Probate and incapacity planning
Ownership options for U.S. real estate
• Inheriting U.S. assets
• State Specific: Arizona, California and Florida
• New Rules for Same-Sex Marriages
• Estate and Tax planning
• Children living in the U.S.
• Analysis of the new U.S. tax rules
Moving to the U.S.
• Doing Business in the U.S.
• U.S. Citizens Living in Canada


Praise for Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way, 3rd Edition


“I have known David Altro for several years, and when I contemplated purchasing property in the U.S., my first call was to him. Much like he does in his book, David explains all of the cross-border issues to consider, and does so in an extremely helpful, authoritative manner. The end result for my family was a seamless, comfortable transaction. I recommend David’s book as an essential tool for anyone considering purchasing U.S. property.”

David Agnew
Chief Executive Officer of RBC Wealth Management Canada, Toronto, ON

“When you do the hard things, life gets easier. So, do the hard things. First, buy the book & READ it. Then, recognize and FOLLOW THROUGH on the areas that pertain to your situation. Life just got easier.

This book is a must-read (and follow through) for Canadians investing in the U.S. to make your investment easier and stress-free because you’ll know everything is taken care of.”

Bob Gainey
NHL Player, Coach, GM (Montreal/Dallas) and Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame


“This book is a helpful guide, addressing a wide range of issues surrounding the purchase of US real estate – income tax, estate tax, transfers of property, insurance, asset protection, incapacity, probate, and much more. There’s a lot of information here, in a nice, concise, very readable package.”

Kevyn Nightingale, CA, CPA (IL), TEP
US and Canadian Tax (Individuals) Partner at MNP, LLP Chartered Accountants


“This is a great book that will broaden your mind whether you are a Canadian resident who already owns real estate property in the U.S., or whether you are contemplating such a purchase. It raises your awareness to key considerations.”

Mary Holenski
Industry Expert, Toronto, ON


“David Altro knows the law as it applies to Canadian property owners in the U.S. inside out. Time spent with him is well worth it.”

John H. Tory, Esq. & Barbara Hackett
Investors, Toronto, ON


“U.S. tax rules, cross border structures and/or U.S. probate fees are not concepts most of us are familiar with, but for any Canadian citizen and resident who wants to buy a U.S. property they are nevertheless important issues to consider in order to avoid making costly legal mistakes.

I never thought I would be able to write this about a book that deals with tax rules: this book is absolutely fascinating to read. All anyone would want to know and understand about how to make a sound investment in a smart way in a U.S. property is there. These sometimes very complex concepts are explained in a very simple manner and with concrete examples that make it almost impossible not to understand.

The cardinal rule to be successful in law is to be clear, precise and accurate at the same time. In Owning U.S. Property the Canadian Way, 3rd Edition,
David A. Altro has done just that.”

Honourable André Wery
The Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec


“In the third edition of his book, Owning U.S. Property the Canadian Way, David Altro and the team at Altro Levy continue to show their high level of expertise with cross border issues. If you are in the early stages of considering purchasing a property in the U.S., bringing in David and his team is the best move you can make. Altro Levy llp will absolutely save you and your family or business partners time, reduce headaches surrounding such a big decision and save you thousands of dollars. A must-read.”

Réal Bouclin
President, Groupe Réseau Sélection


“An excellent primer for Canadians pondering a property purchase in the U.S. and/or a move south of the border.”

Paul Delean
The Montreal Gazette


“As a long term trusted legal partner, I know David as a true professional who has a deep knowledge and expertise of his area of practice. David has always been committed to educate people and the 3rd Edition of his book is just another way to share his expertise with anyone who wants to better understand cross border issues and more importantly how to address them.

One quality I admire about David is his communication skills; he can bring clarity in simple terms for complex cross border legal and tax issues on a personal and business standpoint. If you own U.S. assets…this book is a must read!”

Alain Forget
Head of Sales & Business Development at RBC Bank, Boca Raton, FL


“David’s experience, knowledge, and practical perspectives on cross border issues shine through in this book. This is a must read for any Canadian looking to buy property in the U.S.”

Joe Calabrese
President at Harris myCFO, Inc., Chicago, IL


“We have been dealing with David and his group for over 10 years and his expertise and knowledge of this specialized area is unprecedented. In this current economic climate, opportunities in the U.S. are increasingly becoming available, and having a person like David to make sure our clients are taken care of properly, is extremely important to us. I highly recommend this book.”

Stive Farronato, CA, CFP
Financial Planning Advisor at Assante Financial Management, Mississauga, ON


“In his new book, Owning U.S. Property – The Canadian Way, 3rd Edition, my old friend and fellow Florida attorney, David Altro, offers an informative and valuable primer on Canadian-U.S. cross border planning for owners of real property. David’s book will help many people plan effectively and efficiently.”

Jeff Baskies, Esq.
Partner at Katz Baskies LLP, Attorneys, Board certified in Trusts and Estates, Boca Raton, FL


“Cross border attorney David A. Altro’s Owning U.S. Property – the Canadian Way, 3rd Edition, is a timely, authoritative and important resource for Canadians buying or owning U.S. real estate & other investments, moving to the U.S. or doing business in the U.S. As a Business Valuator involved in many cross border transactions, I highly recommend this new book to Canadians who are planning to move to the U.S. and/or invest in U.S. property. It provides critical information about the many complex issues in cross border income tax, estate and financial planning. Author David Altro shares his in-depth and extensive knowledge and experience with readers in a clear, intelligible and analytical manner, providing them with numerous valuable suggestions. The book is written in a style that is geared to Canadian owners of U.S. property and other investments, and is also an important reference source for professional advisors. The book is definitely a must-read.”

Chartered Business Valuator & Partner at MNP LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, Montreal, QC


“If you buy or own foreign assets as many of us do, you will want to own them in a manner that will minimize future taxes. Having David’s book in your possession will ensure that ownership is properly planned and set up. Using David’s expertise in several cases helped me, as an accountant, to better service my clients.”

Louis Grossbaum, FCA
Regional Managing Partner at MNP, LLP Chartered Accountants


“As an ultra high net worth private banker, David’s book is invaluable to many of my clients who have US assets and/or children who live in the US. Many of my clients have benefitted from his insights and saved themselves from adverse consequences on both sides of the border. ”

Nancy Hoi Bertrand, LL.B., CFA
Director at Citi Private Bank


“An indispensable reference for anyone contemplating a US property purchase. This combined with David’s extensive experience with cross border real estate transactions and estate planning makes this book a must read.”

James Salem
Executive VP and Treasurer at RBC


“As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Regional Director of a Canadian-based private bank in Florida, I recommend that every Canadian THINKING about buying a property in the United States read the third printing of David Altro’s book. Not only does David touch on the issues that Canadians may contemplate and their most common mistakes, but then demonstrates specific examples which establish a solid basis for each of the recommendations. This book emphasizes the needs for planning the most complex issues in a comprehensive and concise tome.”

Mark Davis, CFP®
Vice President & Regional Director of Banking at BMO Private Bank


“The strategies described in this book are both smart and practical. We often refer to them when assisting our clients with their cross-border planning.

“Beyond the book, the author and his firm are diligent in assisting clients with both highly personalized planning and then detailed implementation of their selected plan.”

Jonathan Levy, CPA, CA
Partner at UHY Victor LLP


“Cross border estate planning is a very complicated business. It involves knowledge of tax and property laws in multiple jurisdictions, financial acumen and sensitivity to family relationships. Altro Levy has all of this under one roof and that hugely simplifies the process. David and his colleagues know their business and will help you get it done properly and effectively.”

Marshall Cohen
Barrister and Solicitor, Former Deputy Minister of Finance for the Government of Canada, Toronto, ON


“David’s legal qualifications in both the U.S. and Canada provide a rare combination to help Canadians solve cross border estate planning concerns which can be extremely complex and costly if not executed correctly…The Red Flags are great, they bring out the key important things Canadians need to watch for.”

Robert F. Keats
President at KeatsConnelly & Author of The Border Guide, Phoenix, AZ


“In our more than ever changing world, with the intermingling economies, with the local policies and the rapidity of adjustment needed to do the right things at the right time, David Altro’s advice/guidance is excellent/comforting.

His understanding of this complex reality and his ability to explain it clearly, practically and quickly make him a unique reference.”

Guy Breton, MD, FRCPC
Montreal, QC


“Altro Levy has provided my family and I with invaluable advice and legal services for almost seven years now. Beginning with the purchase of our Palm Springs recreation home, completion of our Family Trust and the finalizing of U.S. citizenship for both my wife and son. This successful relationship is continuing on an ongoing basis. We are not only satisfied with the detailed work provided but with the personal attention and concern which has evolved into a true friendship.”

Brian Kowall
Vice Chairman at Royop Development Corporation, Calgary, AB


“David Altro’s knowledge of cross border issues for Canadians is unprecedented. This book is a must read for all Canadians owning U.S. property or holding U.S. securities.”

Allen Quallenberg
Investment Advisor, Vice-President & Director at RBC Dominion Securities Inc., Montreal, QC


“David Altro has done an outstanding job of distilling many of the complex issues involved in purchasing real estate in Florida in today’s difficult economic environment and explaining them in a very practical and sometimes humorous style.”

David Shear
Attorney at Law at Arnstein & Lehr LLP, Miami, FL


“As a chartered accountant and advisor to our private clients, I have encountered countless situations where Canadian residents find themselves in a quandary as to how to deal with their U.S. properties, and in my 20 years of experience I have not come across anyone who surpasses David’s knowledge in this cross border minefield. His real life approach to dealing with our mutual clients is both effective and enjoyable.”

Josh Miller, CPA, CA
Partner at Fuller Landau LLP, Chartered Accountants, Montreal, QC


“David Altro leverages his specialized cross border expertise to help financial advisors and their clients who either currently own U.S. property or are considering making a purchase south of the border. This book will help you identify the issues and develop a sophisticated, flexible strategy that is straight forward and easy to live with.”

Shaun Pawluk
Senior Client Advisor, Private Banking at RBC Wealth Management, Saskatoon, SK


“I have been working professionally with David for over 15 years in a number of legal challenges that have faced my clients, both domestically and with their foreign property exposure. Given the nature of my private client business, most of my clients have property, dealings and family living in the U.S. With David’s guidance, we have found effective solutions to their tax and administrative problems. David’s book represents the compilation of his extensive experience in the area of cross border planning. I would highly recommend it to anyone owning (or considering the purchase) of U.S. property or those with family members in the U.S.”

Jay Welsford
Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd., Montreal, QC


“Owning U.S. Property – the Canadian Way, 3rd Edition, is an indispensable resource on relevant tax information and related matters for Canadians with cross border issues. The text will be a valuable tool for professionals such as myself in advising clients effectively on cross border issues.”

Mel Leiderman, C.A.
Managing Partner at Lipton LLP Chartered Accountants, Toronto, ON


“Whether it be help with my Florida real estate transactions, or tax and estate planning issues, David and his team handled all my needs. Throughout the entire process, complicated legal concepts were explained, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The service was impeccable!”

Joseph Kaback
Businessman, Montreal, QC

“When we dealt with David on our acquisition in the U.S., he demystified the issues in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Eddy Rosenberg, FCA
Vice President & General Manager at Kaba Lodging Systems, Montreal, QC